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Comments From Our Clients

Eunna T.
I made the decision 4 months ago to make the lifestyle changes to become the healthiest me I could be before hitting 50th milestone bday in Dec. With Pam, Kim Marie & PWL, I've regained control of eating, found balance in making myself a higher priority in my crazy life of raising 4 teenagers, and lost 30 pounds! I'm in the best shape I've been in 15 years---and the great news is this is only the BEGINNING! Thank you PWL for helping me get on track to face 50 & beyond w optimism & health! Oh by the way, for the first time in 13 years I'm able to wear my wedding ring that was too tight & able to fit in long boots that have NEVER fit over my calves in my entire adult life! The small stuff matters, too!

Theresa B,
When I walked into their office - I was the heaviest I've ever been - I felt embarrassed and defeated by the extra pounds. Very quickly PWL helped me find myself again. I'm wearing jeans that I packed away 10 years ago. I feel great. PWL staff are supportive, kind, encouraging and with you for short term success and long range goals. This is it- the solution you've been looking for.

Carrie N. 
I started working with PWL in late summer 2016. This has been an amazing experience. I feel better than I have felt in years, have more energy, am working out with vigor 5 times per week, and have lost over 30 pounds and 46 inches! Pam, Kim Marie and the entire PWL team are an amazing support. This is not a diet program. It is a life change. They will teach you how to eat healthy and clean. If you are committed to changing your life, getting healthy, and losing weight - this is a fantastic program. It will literally change your life!


Perfect, thank you!

When I sat down to email the photo's off to my parents I REALLY noticed the difference - Yikes! I greatly appreciate your support and kind words of encouragement, it goes a long way when you are making big changes in your life! :)
Denise. Real Client, Real Results From Physicians Weight Loss Centers Highlands Ranch
Denise After. Real Clients, Real Results From Physicians Weight loss Centers Highlands Ranch

With the desire to change her lifestyle and guidance from a PWLC Highlands Ranch weight loss counselor, Denise set her goal and got the results she wanted.
With the guidance of the PWLC weight management team she's able to maintain it.

We would just like to add she did this in 40 days with our HCG Diet Plan.

Patricia T.
By far THE BEST weight loss program! I lost 30 pounds in 40 days and I am 50 years old! I have done every diet program imaginable and Physicians Weight Loss Center is the ONLY one that helped me not only lose the weight but taught me how to keep it off. I have learned so much more from them than anywhere else and their staff is so kind and compassionate. I felt like they truly cared about my success and happiness. Run, don't walk to this center! They will get you to your goal faster than any other program!

Cathy L.

I have tried every DIET there is. When I saw the ad on a car for PWL. I took a picture of it thinking is was to good to be true. I told myself to call before I gain even more weight. I met with Kim Marie and started losing weight at an INCREDIBLE RATE! It would have taken me 6 months to lose what I lost in 6 WEEKS! I am so impressed with Pam and her amazing staff. They have shown me how to maintain my weight for the rest of my LIFE. A very healthy weight loss program. I couldn't be happier.

This is it...the solution you've been looking for.

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