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Peptides services offered in Highlands Ranch, CO

If you desire to look and feel younger during a weight loss journey, turn to the experts at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Highlands Ranch in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The experienced weight-loss team offers peptide therapy as part of a personalized weight loss program. Call the office to learn more about peptides, or schedule an appointment online today.

Peptides Q&A

What are peptides?

Peptides are amino acids available orally or as injections that speed up weight loss and help your body produce more human growth hormone (HGH). The treatment offers many benefits for your overall wellness, helping you look and feel years younger. The Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Highlands Ranch team may include peptide therapy as part of your weight loss plan.

What are the benefits of peptides?

The advantages of peptides include:

  • Decreased body fat
  • More muscle mass
  • Stronger metabolism
  • More energy
  • Increased sex drive
  • Reduced appetite
  • Fewer signs of aging
  • Faster healing
  • Improved quality of life

Peptide therapy can help you lose weight faster, keep the weight off long-term, and look and feel your best.

Are peptides right for me?

A Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Highlands Ranch specialist reviews your medical history, evaluates your body composition, completes a physical exam, and discusses your goal weight before tailoring a treatment plan. You might need blood testing, heart function tests, or other diagnostic tests to screen for hormone imbalance and other medical problems.

What should I expect when using peptides?

You might take peptides orally or as an injection. Your provider lets you know how (and how often) to use peptides to optimize weight loss.

Custom dieting plans

They also develop a customized diet and exercise plan based on your medical history, personalized needs, food preferences, and lifestyle. Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Highlands Ranch provides six different diet programs, twice-weekly meal planning, and weight loss rates of at least 2-4 pounds per week. 

Additional treatment options 

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Highlands Ranch also offers body sculpting treatments, lipo laser technology, dietary supplements, fat-burning injections, and weight loss medications that match your needs and lifestyle.

In addition, the team might recommend adding Semiglutides or Ozempic® to your treatment plan.

Follow-up appointments 

It’s important to follow up with your provider regularly when using peptides to ensure safe, effective, long-lasting results. Don’t hesitate to call Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Highlands Ranch at any time with concerns or questions throughout your weight loss journey. 

Schedule an appointment at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Highlands Ranch by phone or online today to learn more about peptides and if they’re right for you.